Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh quit bitchin, it's sunny in Portland

At last we have had a full week of sunshine, do I dare hope it is going to stick around awhile?

Yesterday found me on my old stomping grounds. I took a short road trip to Carson Wa. in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, where I once lived. My former neighbor a dear friend Marilyn, she still lives in her wonderful Victorian cottage. Marilyn was and is my quilting mentor, all I have to do is visit and the quilting bug bites again. Just being in wonderful quilting room with a wall of fabric on one side and a view of the Gorge on another is enough to brighten anyones day.

Next time I visit I will take my camera. the scenery on the way is wonderful.

(I do have a photo of Multnomah Falls from last fall, just a small sample of the scenery.

I dug out a neglected hand quilting project to take with me.

We sat and chatted for hours while I quilted and she cut out binding for her latest project.

We went to lunch at the Bungalow Tavern, a great place for a hamburger and a glass of cold beer. After lunch we toured her beautiful flowers and pulled weeds together for an hour or so.
When her former husband was alive they always had a huge garden, and a berry patch, with raspberries, and blueberries. (Marilyn took out the raspberries after her husband died, they are a lot of work) the blueberries remain and they are loaded with soon to be luscious dark blueberries. I see another visit in my future.. lol

Seems I never leave Marilyns' empty handed, or without a full belly, it may be a fat quarter, a quilt pattern, or the latest book. This time it was frozen blueberries, Walla Walla sweet onions, and a dress made from mud cloth she had purchased while in Africa.
Thanks Marilyn for sharing a wonderful lazy summer day with me.

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where is the sun?

Well here it is a couple weeks have gone by without blogging.

I am now living in Portland where the wettest spring on record has just ran it's course.

Now we are moving in to more of the same for summer, according to the "National Weather Service".

I read that on-line yesterday and it actually took the wind right out of me.

Depression is setting in fast.

I kept saying this summer I am going to paint the kitchen cabinets, install crown molding, paint the master bath, finish the closet, and sit on the porch and have a cold drink. None of that is happening.

The flowers I planted a month ago are trying hard to bloom, that ain't happening either.

I feel guilty for complaining when so many others have it worse than this, but how does a person survive with out sun? We have had 4 full days of sun since April 1, unbelievable huh.

I have managed to dig out an UFO to work on, a "mile a minute" scrap bag project.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coming soon

It has been over a year since I blogged, where does the time go?

I will be updated my new adventures real soon.

I have moved to a new state, I am making new friends and missing the old ones.

Sadly quilting has taken a back seat to redo-ing my new living quarters. I thought maybe if I started blogging again, I could get back in the grove.

Happy Quilting!