Sunday, August 31, 2008

A safe landing.

Next Friday I am taking a little trip to Spokane, via Alaska Airlines. I really dread flying, actually I don't mind flying I just hate taking off and landing. I am always pleased to have my feet back on the ground.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Show and Tell Friday plate rims

I am still waiting for the quilting bug to return, as it always does.

In the mean time I have been playing with mosaic, and breaking dishes.

Here are a few of my favorites I will never break.

I was inspired to take photos of my plate rims after visiting
Tales from an oc cottage and Cindy's My romantic Home stop by their blogs you will be inspired too.

Enjoy the last big weekend before the end of summer.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boise fires, mosaic, sewing

Yesterday evening we lost 17 homes and 1 life in the Boise foothills, from a sudden fire storm. You can read about it here I feel so sad for those families, most had to run from their homes in minutes.

A gentleman they interviewed while he watched his home burn from a distance didn't even have time to put shoes on. Let us all say a prayer for those families. I can not begin to comprehend what it would be like to lose everything.

On the lighter side, it was very hot here yesterday so stayed in and tackled my sewing room.

I make a mess when I sew but I just can't start sewing in a mess. Just like cooking I can't cook in a messy kitchen. Not that I do much cooking anymore.

Now when the mood hits me I can begin sewing again.

While I am waiting for the quilting bug to hit me again, this what I have been playing with.

A bird feeder wip (work in progress).

There is something therapeutic about breaking dishes.

My favorite adhesive.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Avoiding the sewing room

I would like to start todays post by thanking everyone that takes the time to read my post. I would love it if you would also leave a comment, it makes my day.

I haven't been in here for awhile.

This is the mess I am avoiding tackling.

The shop is much tidier, so I have been hanging out there lately. This is a sink pedestal I have been sorking on, I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet,

but I am thinking I may use it under this fountain.

One of my favorite books for inspiration is by Kaffe Fassett, most quilters are familiar with the name as he also makes beautiful quilts.

I would love to do this to my concrete floor I showed you in the previous post.

Imagine how much time a person would spend on their knees.

It may be worth it though.

A few more of my favorites from Kaffe Fassett

And I will share a table with you that I did last year.

I recently changed it to white, I like it much better now.

Have a great weekend.