Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little of this and that

I talked with my daughter in Portland this morning, and she ask me send her some photos of where I was using my new bargain chairs that I got at Kmart last week.

So since I haven't anything new to blog about today thought I may as well share them with everyone.

First I will show my sweet potato vine, I often have a micro wave baked sweet potato for lunch, I keep them on a basket on top of the dryer. One day about a month ago I noticed this one had sprouts about 3" long.
So I took it out and lay it in this container, it really took off then. It's been fun watching it grow.

I have been wanting to make this area into a more inviting place to sit.

My neighbor on this side is very close. and a little strange. and I wanted some privacy with out living behind a wall.
So I recently planted some fast growing vines in pots. (grow fast please)
I would like to find a nice round sisal rug for this area to cover the cracks.
Much cooler too.

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