Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Morning

For a retired person I have sure been busy,( believe that can be a good thing) I have had a few inquiries if I am OK, I am fine.

Wow, I just noticed it had been 10 days since I posted.

I have been working everyday at the shop, about 2 weeks ago the computer at the shop crashed, taking all of the inventory with it and the ability to ring up sales.

Can you believe there was no backup on it? There was an external backup that had never been hooked up. Wow What a disaster.

 I have been helping reload all of the inventory into the new backed up computer.

It meant handling every bolt of fabric, every spool of thread, every pattern, while waiting on customers and using the old fashion way to make sales. Now that involved using the old brain to figure yardage, discounts, and sales tax etc. 

We kept at it in between customers and finished 2 days ago, we were both just about brain dead by the time we were done,we had handled thousands of items.   

I was able to get back to "The Lemon Twist" quilt that  was put on hold during that time, it is now finished and put on display,

along with another flip flop hipster bag.

I also have the Big Stitch quilt finished.  I really enjoyed working on this quilt the quilting was fast, took a month instead of a year. 

I love doing the Baptist Fan design because it doesn't require any marking, you can just wing it.

I think I will take a few days off,before I start a new project, I am sure when the dust has settled  at the shop Mary will have something new for me to do.  Like I said we were both brain dead by the time we finished rescanning and numbering all of  inventory. 

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where I have been spending my time.

Just a quick post this morning to show you were I have been spending my time.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A little "Lemon Aide"

A follow-up on the previous post.

Before I quilt, I thought I would share the fix I did on what is now known as the "Lemon Aide" quilt instead of the Lemonade Quilt. I couldn't bring myself to do the "Frog Stitch" as a couple people suggested.

(Frog Stitch is a new word in my sewing vocabulary I had to ask Julia what it meant, I really laughed when I found out it meant "ripit")

Anyway I cut the lemon blocks a little smaller, added a 1/2" border around each one so they fit. I think I actually like it better.

And another messenger bag made from the test block. Now Mary wants me to make a half a dozen more messenger bags and create the pattern.

I made the little "Infant Gift Set" for a sample at the store using her Minky. She has found it a slow seller and wants it gone, to make room for more quilting fabric.

The pattern I wrote for the Infant Gift Set includes a receiving blanket, a changing pad, with a pocket for wipes and diaper, it also has the directions for a pair of moccasins.

Mary at "All About Quilts" has put her Minky on sale at cost $8.50 a yard, if any one wants some email me I have pictures I can send of the colors that are available and give you her phone number.

Her website is being built but I think she hired the slowest person in the industry.

Happy Quilting!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh Oh I goofed!

I followed the directions to a T, or so I thought. I made all of the pinwheel blocks first, then the lemon applique blocks.The pattern said to cut the background blocks for the Lemon applique 9.5" then trim to 8.5" after appliqueing, I read that twice to make sure before I trimmed them. Actually that was correct, what was wrong was somehow the pinwheel blocks were to big. So I decide the pattern must have been wrong, my pinwheels were 9", all of the points matched, I was sure if I had cut one part of the block wrong it would not have come out correct.

I cut one more block 1 piece at time to make sure I followed the directions closely. Guess what, that block came out the correct measurement, so the pattern was correct, I am not sure where I went wrong.

The fix is not going to be easy, I can't trim the pinwheels or I will be cutting off the points, so it is either make all the pinwheels again for the lemon blocks. If it was my quilt I would probably add it to the UFO's and worry about it later. This project is for the shop so I will have to deal with it.

I still think it is a charming quilt and will look great hanging at the entrance to the shop once it is finished.

I did put it aside yesterday so I could work a messenger bag I wanted to make. I was able to finish that project, and still make it to the BBQ at my cousins.

I hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spotlight on Scraps

A new book in the store that I fell in love with, I love scrappy quilts.

I think we quilters that favor scrap quilts was taught to use what we had at an early age.

I know my grandmother would have thought it a sin to buy new fabric and cut it up.

She was always happy to have a new piece of "drygoods", she called it, to put on the back of her quilts.

Most of the time the back was also pieced or a flannel sheet was used. I don't believe Grandma every used "store bought" batting, intsead it was a worn out blanket or old sheet. Some were called summer spreads, if nothing was available the quilt top and back were tied and it became a summer spread.

Now here I am many years later making scrap quilts from new "store bought drygoods". Sorry Grandma the devil made me do it.

I wish my grandmas was around to use up my scraps she would have been so pleased to have them.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Friday Afternoon & Monday Morning update

Monday Update:I have had many inquiry's over the weekend about a few of the patterns I have shared with you.

I really wasn't aware I had so many readers.

The "beginners' Four patch" is available through me, just email me at

I have also added it to my sidebar.

I neglected to mention the name of the bag pattern, it is called Purse-ality, it is by the "Stitchin Sisters". The book is "Bits and Pieces" the pattern and book are both availible at "All About Quilts" shop.

Her web site will be up and running in a couple weeks, but in the mean time,
to order contact Mary at (208) 318 0548 or email me.


I just finished this little red white and blue quilt, really satisfying to make something you can finish in one day. I worked at the shop this morning, helping Mary rearrange the store, we are always looking for new ways to display shop samples and fabric. The shop is small so it is a challenge to find room for the new fabric that is coming in almost daily. Mary will be going to Quilt Market in Portland, May 15, she is leaving me in charge of the store. Three days on my own, she is confident that I can handle it, but it is a bit scary too. Most days when I work I am there by myself but she is just a phone call away, come to think of it in this day and age I guess she will still be just a phone call away. And I just have share another bag, this bag is so much fun to make I can't quit making them.

Happy Quilting!