Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh Oh I goofed!

I followed the directions to a T, or so I thought. I made all of the pinwheel blocks first, then the lemon applique blocks.The pattern said to cut the background blocks for the Lemon applique 9.5" then trim to 8.5" after appliqueing, I read that twice to make sure before I trimmed them. Actually that was correct, what was wrong was somehow the pinwheel blocks were to big. So I decide the pattern must have been wrong, my pinwheels were 9", all of the points matched, I was sure if I had cut one part of the block wrong it would not have come out correct.

I cut one more block 1 piece at time to make sure I followed the directions closely. Guess what, that block came out the correct measurement, so the pattern was correct, I am not sure where I went wrong.

The fix is not going to be easy, I can't trim the pinwheels or I will be cutting off the points, so it is either make all the pinwheels again for the lemon blocks. If it was my quilt I would probably add it to the UFO's and worry about it later. This project is for the shop so I will have to deal with it.

I still think it is a charming quilt and will look great hanging at the entrance to the shop once it is finished.

I did put it aside yesterday so I could work a messenger bag I wanted to make. I was able to finish that project, and still make it to the BBQ at my cousins.

I hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day!

Happy Quilting!


  1. slightly time-consuming, but you could frog-stitch the two long seams in each pinwheel and trim the 4 resulting squares to the right size -- then you'd still have your points!

  2. Sorry about the error but the colours are lovely and fresh!

  3. I would do what floribunda mentioned.
    I love this quilt! You are tempting be to buy this book. :)Do you like all of the quilts in it?

  4. I love the quilt...I hate when that happens on measurements/directions. I like the bag-very cute!


  5. Lovely! Oh, It's so lovely. I love your lemon and pinwheel blocks!
    and your messenger bag is adorable!