Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cherries and Crows quilted place mat tutorial


Begin by cutting the backing and batting, I use Therolamb, layer these together, pin in place.

Cut 5 strips the width of your fabric, I cut these 3" wide, sometimes it depends on the design in your fabric, especially if you choose to use a stripe. But no less than 2.5".

before sewing press under 1/4" on the outside edge. Using a 1/4" seam with right sides together, stitch around the edge, much like sewing on binding. Stopping to pivot at each corner.( One 45" strip will not go all the way around, just stop at a corner, backstitch and begin with a new strip butting up against the last strip.) If this is a little confusing, just sew 2 strips together end to end .

Press all the darts to one side, making sure the un sewn edge match evenly.

Stitch the dart on the pressed line, starting at the outer edge, stitch toward the point.

Trim and press open.

Clip outer corners, just to stitching.

Turn right side out, and press.

Measure and cut a piece to fit in the center, pin in place, then top stitch. I like to top stitch a couple times, and also a 1/4" from outer edge.

Whaooooo! you are done.

These make great gifts, wash like a dream and they re reversible.

Below is an example of a set I made for Marge.

Happy Quilting!

Email me or leave a comment if you would like the dimensions.


  1. Man ... wish I could toss aside all my professional duties and do something fun like this.

    Could use a little instant gratification about now.

    Love you, Mom.


  2. This placemat looks complicated to make with all the edges! Maybe i try making one...with this clear tutorial i might succeed!

  3. What are the dimensions of the inner piece? A few of my friends would like to make these together as a group when we sew together.

  4. I am just learning to quilt, and I am fortunate to have a neighbor who is a love, and is teaching me how.

    I really appreciate your tutorial on the placemat, and your kitty is so adorable.

    Betty \0/ from Montana