Friday, September 26, 2008

Ok, lets stop with the plastic bag!

Yesterday was garbage day in my neighborhood, the bags were everywhere as I drove to the store. I guess the garbage has a way of escaping when the garbage is dumped into the truck. The truck is enclosed so it must be while the can is being dumped, I can't blame these hard working men that pick up the cans and physically dump them in the truck. Yes they still do it by hand in my neighborhood, but I can blame the consumer.
Here is a link for making an free easy tote bag pattern anyone can make.
I especially hope you quilters are not using plastic, lets make our own and make a difference.

Happy Quilting!


  1. We have been using fabric totes for about two years now. I don't think the baggers at the grocery store really like them but I am going to persevere.

  2. I started using fabic totes about 7 months ago. When I do forget to take them in the store or leave them home I always recycle the plastic bags. Some stores have a bin for recyling plastic bags. Believe it or not Janet I recycle everything I can. I even bury my vegetable waste in the flower beds. It is so good for the soil. LOL, I accidently grew a potato plant this year. I didn't think about the potato peel having eyes and would sprout. It was a hoot. I will dig for potatoes in a few weeks. It is the wrong time of year but we will see. Sorry for the long post. But you know me well enough to know there are no short stories here. LOL!!!! I do agree with using the fabric totes and am glad you posted on this subject. :) Later, Karen