Monday, September 15, 2008

Looking for hydrangeas & I hate snakes

I recently had these nasty shurbs pulled out,
leaving a new planting area. I decided I wanted a few hydrangea bushes along this area. I figured this was the time of year to plant them, so yesterday I went on a quest to find some,(that I could afford).

I stopped at Home Depot first, the gal in the nursery dept. didn't even know what they were. So I broused around and found 2 very sickly looking plants that they wanted $19.00 a piece for. Moving on I went to Lowes, there I found nice big plants full of blooms, but they were $29.00 each and I am sure well worth it, but way over my budget, I wanted at least 3.

So on to Zamzoa's a local pet/garden store. All thier hydrangeas were gone, BUT as I was leaving a man, shuddering just think about it, was entering the store with a 7 foot yellow snake wrapped around his body. Now that I think about I am not sure it was 7foot but it wrapped his body at least twice YUCK.

OH MY GOD, I somehow kept my composer until I got to the car, I think it took a moment or two to sink in. (They shouldn't be allowed out in public, or at least transported in a cage)
As everyone who has ever met me knows I am terrifed of snakes. A phobia I have had since childhood, when some nasty little boys put a bunch of snakes down the back of my blouse.

I was only a few blocks from home luckily, but I was so shook up I ran into the side of my carport, knocking my mirror lose on the pasengers side, I had the car wedged against the side of the carport and everytime I moved it I heard a terrible scraping sound. I had to get a neighbor to come over and help me get it untangled. Fortnuately no damage to the car, and the mirror snaped back in place.

Back to the hydrangeas, I decide I am going to take cuttings from my friend Marges' bushes. Much cheaper and I won't be running into any damn snakes.

how to take a hydrangea cutting


  1. You gave me a serious case of the Chilly Willies just reading about it. Not sure I would have been able to drive.

    Good luck with your cuttings. Something to watch over the winter.

  2. Hi, I followed you from another blog when I saw your blog name. My family moved to Boise a little over three years ago. So nice to meet a fellow Idahoan.
    Hope you are able to find a plant some hydrangeas soon!