Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good Morning grab a cup.

I have a silly little post this morning.

The mornings are colder here all of a sudden, makes me think Halloween, you think pumpkins I think candy corn.

So it is all about candy corn

Do you need a Candy Corn costume you can find one here

Or Candy Corn soy candles you can order them here

Candy corn fabric, I'm sure you can find it a JoAnn's

Jones Candy corn soda, can you imagine!

You can order it on line here.

I thought the candy corn plant was unusual too, I wish I could find one of these.

Have you ever had candy corn Pizza, find the recipe here

Even a candy corn knitted rug pattern.

Can you tell I love candy corn.

And this has nothing to do with candy corn, drop over and visit she is having a blog design give away.
Debbie's English Treasures

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hello sweet Janet,
    How nice of you to mention my Give-Away... On your blog!
    By the way, sorry for my ignorance what is a candy corn... I suppose its a sweet, but do you have it with your pizza!? LOL

    Debbie Moss


  2. Glenn bought me a bag of "gourmet peach flavored" candy corn for my birthday.

    Yuck! Give me the old fashioned kind anyday! In fact, he did. It's almost gone, but I'm savoring it.

    You just made me crave a handful....