Saturday, September 13, 2008

Houston we have a problem and other musing

I have a dear friend, Larry, living in Houston. He says he is a "old tough marine" and Ike doesn't scare him. If I lived there I would have been very scared. I thought about the people in Ike's path all night.
Larry was going to spend the night at his daughters so they would all be together. I received a email yesterday before the storm hit. I told him to call as soon as he could, but I expect it to be several days.

On a lighter note I have finished a few mosaic pieces, I am anxious to start on this fountain.

Bird FeederAdded the state name just in case the birds are lost on thier way south.

My latest piece finished. Isn't the teapot the cutest, I don't collect teapots, but I couldn't resist this for $2.00 at a recent yard sale.

I also have been thinking of doing the risers on my porch steps. Mosaicing can be as addictive as quilting, but much cheaper, especially when you use yard sale dishes. Hunting for just the right color is as much fun as looking for the right piece of fabric for a quilt.

For those of following Rhonda's surgery, I spoke with her on the phone this morning and she is doing as well as anyone that has had major surgery. As soon as everything starts working again she will be able to go home. That is when the real recovery begins. God Bless you Rhonda.

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  1. Thanks for the news about Rhonda. I was wondering how she was doing. Glad to hear a positive report.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway, and good luck! Love your mosaics, you must be a very busy lady!

  3. With Ike about the birds might need help to finf their way home!!