Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Morning

For a retired person I have sure been busy,( believe that can be a good thing) I have had a few inquiries if I am OK, I am fine.

Wow, I just noticed it had been 10 days since I posted.

I have been working everyday at the shop, about 2 weeks ago the computer at the shop crashed, taking all of the inventory with it and the ability to ring up sales.

Can you believe there was no backup on it? There was an external backup that had never been hooked up. Wow What a disaster.

 I have been helping reload all of the inventory into the new backed up computer.

It meant handling every bolt of fabric, every spool of thread, every pattern, while waiting on customers and using the old fashion way to make sales. Now that involved using the old brain to figure yardage, discounts, and sales tax etc. 

We kept at it in between customers and finished 2 days ago, we were both just about brain dead by the time we were done,we had handled thousands of items.   

I was able to get back to "The Lemon Twist" quilt that  was put on hold during that time, it is now finished and put on display,

along with another flip flop hipster bag.

I also have the Big Stitch quilt finished.  I really enjoyed working on this quilt the quilting was fast, took a month instead of a year. 

I love doing the Baptist Fan design because it doesn't require any marking, you can just wing it.

I think I will take a few days off,before I start a new project, I am sure when the dust has settled  at the shop Mary will have something new for me to do.  Like I said we were both brain dead by the time we finished rescanning and numbering all of  inventory. 

Happy Quilting!


  1. Janet, Has your parcel arrived yet? I posted it last Saturday.

  2. Hi Janet, No doubt the woman you work for at the shop thought you to be an ANGEL to help her through that, WOW! Love all that you've been working on, do you ever sleep LOL ?? Take care for now...

  3. Hi Janet, Who can wing it on a Baptist fan? Not I! I love the Lemon Twist quilt and the hipster bag. But then yellow is my favorite color so whenever I see it it catches my eye. Rest a bit....

  4. How terrible to lose all the inventory info. When I had my shop, we lost our backup, but each partner had to re-inventory her own things, not the whole story.

    You deserve a break...go put your feet up and relax!


  5. Whew, you have been busy! I like to stop by just to see what you've been doing. Love the big stitch!

  6. Lemon Twist looks fabulous. And what a pretty display under it. Love that tin in the shape of a bus. How cute!

  7. I love your lemon quilt! I have a lot of lemon themed things around my home!

  8. I can see that I'm really, really going to like it here!