Saturday, August 16, 2008

Final day at the Quilt Shop

Mary decided to open for a final, final, 3 day sale, she took a weeks vacation then I took a weeks vacation and now we are back for the last big hurrah. She ran an ad for 45% off of everything, and sent emails to everyone on her mailing list. The sale was to run from the 14th to the 16th.

What we didn't know was The State Fair is also happening in Boise and all the quilt shops in Boise are having big sales too. So we haven't drawn much from that area, like we expected.

Thursday we had people waiting at the door when we opened, with about a 2 hour rush, then slow the remained er of the day. Yesterday about the same, in fact I came home at 2. That was fine with me, I am still recovering from my vacation.

I am anxious for the working days to be over so I can finish the plans I have for my house, clean my sewing room AGAIN and start some new projects.

I would love to stay home today and get my porch floor ready to paint.

I stopped by Kmart a couple days ago to restock my Oil of Olay and hair gel that they took away from me at the airport, on my flight home..

They were 4 oz you can only have 3.5 oz. live and learn.

Any way while I was at Kmart I strolled around and out to the garden area, they were discounting all the outdoor furniture, I should say giving it away.

I got the 4 chairs to this set with cushions for $50.00, original price was $220.00
I had to take them home right then in my car, I ask if I could take two at a time I only live about 8 blocks, they said no I had to take all 4 at the same time. I was a struggle and worth the pain of getting them in my car, but I did it.

Rhonda is scheduled for surgery Sep 10 to have her kidney removed. She is on the list for a earlier time if some one cancels.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Janet, I live right down the freeway from you, Mt. Home. Your quilts are awesome. Just thought I'd say hi.

  2. Janet, My thoughts are with Rhonda and family. I hope she gets moved up for an earlier surgery. Prayers for you all. Karen

  3. Hi Mom ~

    Eli's off at Lego Camp with a friend this week - I have to drive 80 minutes round trip each day to get them there (other mom picks them up). Butm the stretch of 6 uninterrupted hours makes it worth it. I'm getting lots of work done, but wondering what you're doing with all your free time now that you're officially "retired" again and curious to see what amazingly creative endeavor you're going to pursue next ...

    We're all waiting!