Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh quit bitchin, it's sunny in Portland

At last we have had a full week of sunshine, do I dare hope it is going to stick around awhile?

Yesterday found me on my old stomping grounds. I took a short road trip to Carson Wa. in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, where I once lived. My former neighbor a dear friend Marilyn, she still lives in her wonderful Victorian cottage. Marilyn was and is my quilting mentor, all I have to do is visit and the quilting bug bites again. Just being in wonderful quilting room with a wall of fabric on one side and a view of the Gorge on another is enough to brighten anyones day.

Next time I visit I will take my camera. the scenery on the way is wonderful.

(I do have a photo of Multnomah Falls from last fall, just a small sample of the scenery.

I dug out a neglected hand quilting project to take with me.

We sat and chatted for hours while I quilted and she cut out binding for her latest project.

We went to lunch at the Bungalow Tavern, a great place for a hamburger and a glass of cold beer. After lunch we toured her beautiful flowers and pulled weeds together for an hour or so.
When her former husband was alive they always had a huge garden, and a berry patch, with raspberries, and blueberries. (Marilyn took out the raspberries after her husband died, they are a lot of work) the blueberries remain and they are loaded with soon to be luscious dark blueberries. I see another visit in my future.. lol

Seems I never leave Marilyns' empty handed, or without a full belly, it may be a fat quarter, a quilt pattern, or the latest book. This time it was frozen blueberries, Walla Walla sweet onions, and a dress made from mud cloth she had purchased while in Africa.
Thanks Marilyn for sharing a wonderful lazy summer day with me.

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!

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