Friday, July 6, 2007


13 things my grandaughter and I did while she was visiting.

1. Taught her to knit.

2. We made a "4th of July" mosaic flower pot for her parents.

3. Took a picnic lunch to Lake Lowell

4. Went to baseball game to watch Breann play.

5. Went to movie at Edwards Theater seen "Evan Almighty"

6. Went to outdoor concert, "Rodney Atkins"

7. Went to the Saturday Farmers Market, Jessica purchased a cooling neck wrap that you soak in water, to wear when she playing soccer.

8. After a long search we discover what the inside content was.

9. It was so cool we sewed cooling neck wraps for everyone, a total of 12.

10. Watched Hanna Montana.

11.Went to breakfast at IHOP.

12. We both kicked out shoes off, and left them in a pile for easy access.

13. We laughed a lot and enjoyed every minute of her visit, in spite of the 100 degree temp.

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