Thursday, October 18, 2007

Been awhile since I posted

Yes, it has been awhile since I have posted.

Summer was here with a vengeance, July was the worst I ever remember. I felt like a prisoner in my A/C'ed home the whole month. When the day starts at nearly 90 it only can go up from there. My pretty spring garden suffered right along with me. I quit posting photos, no one wants to see pictures of weeds. Except maybe the local extension office.

My granddaughter came to visit for 10 days at the end of June, it reached 100 a few times while she was here, but we still managed to get out and do a few things. She met a few cousins she didn't know she had.

We went to a baseball game, a outdoor concert, (Rodney Atkins) and the movies, we went to the Saturday market, where she purchased a neck wrap, the kind that stays wet and cool for hours.....we just had to figure out how to make them.

Mission accomplished, between the two of us we made about 2 dozen for gifts. I gave one to everyone at the 4th of July picnic I attended. They were a big hit, that was the beginning of our heat wave. I used mine the whole month of July.

One day the two of us fixed a picnic lunch of bagels and cream cheese and went to the lake where her dad use go swimming.

While she was here I taught her to knit, the basics anyway. She enjoyed it and picked it up everytime she sat down.

Her visit here was very enjoyable for me I loved having her and hope we can do again next year.

I was just looking at my last post in June and realized I have checked off several of the things I had on that list, and accomplished a few extra.

I also have an update post about Gordon and David.

I will do an update tomorrow.....

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