Saturday, October 20, 2007

Working on the list previous list dated June

5 out of 13 scratched off

1. Lose ten pounds.
2. Visit Montana again, especially Madison Valley.
3. Ride in a hot air balloon.
4. Lose 15 pounds.
5. Live long enough to draw my ex's social security.
6. Finish my flooring.
7. Paint my living room.
8. Be able to dance again.
9. See my old friend Larry.
10.See my old friend Pam.
11.Go to the Oregon coast for a vacation.
12.Go to a Nascar race.
13.Lose 16 pounds.

I have accomplished 5 out of 13 and getting close to scratching off 1 more.
Thirteen things I want to do.

#1. I have lost 10 lb, Yipppeeee

#2. Haven't been back to Montana yet, still something I am looking forward to.

#3. I haven't ridden in a hot air balloon, but my son and his wife have. Rhonda gave Tom the balloon ride for his birthday. They went up at the crack of dawn over the Willamette Valley, they said it was wonderful.

#4. And more importantly than # 1. I have lost 15 lbs, that is a Bigger YIPPPPEEEE
NO photos yet.

#5. Collecting Bill's S. S. I don't think that will be a problem, just a matter of time. That is what I get for marrying a younger man. He is just turning 60 next month. Oh well, I can wait.

#6. My flooring that needed finished was the utility room, It is finished.

Wasn't on the list but:

In addition I have new carpet in 3 rooms and the hall. That is a huge YIPEEE too, something I have wanted for 2 yrs.

#7. Was paint my living room, not yet. I should have done that before I got new carpet. I think I will just remove it from the list. Delete, its gone!

#8. Be able to dance again? I must have been having hip problems when I wrote that.. All better now, I dance around the house all the time....

#9. See my high school friend, Larry. I can knock off 2 from the list next summer, #9 & # 11. Visit the Oregon coast. We plan on meeting next summer in Lincoln City.

#10. See my old friend Pam. Hadn't seen Pam in over 30 years, since she moved away to Las Vegas. Pam now lives about 4 hours away in Pocatella Id. She came to Nampa in July for a family reunion, we had a reunion too. She spent the week-end with me, we reminisced for hours.

#11. See # 9 above.
#12. Go to a Nascar Race, not happening. Not sure now I would even want to, television coverage is so good.. But I wouldn't turn down the opportunity

#13. Was lose 16 lbs, hopefully I can mark that off next week.

Accomplishments make me feel good.

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