Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Almost Thanksgiving

A time to be thankful for all we have.

Thanksgiving 2006

This Thanksgiving I will be meeting my grandson, Jeremy, for the first time.
Jeremy is 25, lives in Denver. He will be travelling here for Thanksgiving, arriving on Wed.

Marty, Diane, Jessica, Sandra, Glenn, Eli, will be arriving on Tues.
They will be staying here so we can all be together. I am borrowing a travel trailer from my cousin Stanley to park here, for extra beds.

I may even have to borrow dishes, since I have been alone for the last 5 years, cooking for 1, I have narrowed down my kitchen supplies.

I am borrowing a large crock pot from Peggy for the mash potatoes. When I always had Thanksgiving at my house I had a large harvest size table I could easily put 12 to 16 people around. This year we will put two small tables together.

Thanksgiving 1996

None of that matters, we will be together.
I am looking forward to having the kids home again.

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