Saturday, October 11, 2008

Autumn came to Idaho

I just finished my porch project in the nic of time. It turned very cold seems like it happened over night, Oh Ya, that's right, it did. One day it was nice with the doors and windows open, the next, brrrr, can't leave the house with out a jacket.

In addition to quilting I have been dealing with furnace issues. Actually not the furnace, it is fine thank goodness, but my thermostat quit working properly, I could set it at 55 as low as it would go, it would not shut off.

My sweet brother Gordon, sent me a very hi tech, programable thermostat to replace mine with. I had Nick come over to install it for me, turns out it was a very complicated install. After spending 4 hours and working until midnight on it we thought we had it figured out. Wrong, I got up the next morning to a very cold house with a temp of 40.. Make a long story short I ran over to Home Depot, bought a little cheap manual operated thermostat had it installed and all is well.

The quilt I have been working on is finished, I put it on my bed last night, it has been awhile since I made a quilt for my bed, it is scrappy and I love it.
I know you are looking for pictures, but I will have to post pictures tomorrow, hopefully.

I need to take my camera to the shop today, when I try to download or view photos it says I need to format my chip. So no new photos today, I will show you a few old ones though.
I took these photos when I was visiting my daughter this summer of a couple of quilts I didn't have pictures of in my album.

I made this signature quilt for my daughters 40th birthday. I had sent her friends a 3" X 5" piece of white fabric and ask them to write a message on it and sign. It was a fun project and a total surprise for her. center

Below is a Rooster applique I did about 10 years ago, dd, always had it hanging in her kitchen. She washed it and the red faded all over the background. so she returned it to me and ask me to fix it, I cut away the background with the intentions of appliqueing it to a new piece of fabric, it is the pile of "need to do" I should put it on top of the pile.

This is the quilt that is now hanging where the rooster belongs,

Happy Quilting!

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