Saturday, February 21, 2009

Under Pressure

Today's horoscope said
You may be under pressure to finish a project that you've delayed again and again. Today, however, you have run out of valid excuses. But this isn't the real reason to jump in and get the job done. Sometimes procrastination does serve a purpose. But now it's quite simple; you'll just feel better once you finally cross this task off your list

It would be nice if I knew which project I was suppose to finish.

think this one will be the one, I am making it for someone else. the houses are all done, I still needs the border and then quilted. I will be quilting this in sections, and then put it together.

Actually this one is done, it just needs the binding sewn down. (I couldn't find the finished photo)

The border fabric has been finally been decided on for this one, this will be my next finish.

Then I must do something with these, they have been hanging around for a couple of years.


Happy Quilting!


  1. Loved your post on trying to decide which unfinished project to go back to. I am the same way and the other day my husband said are going to finish that one or this one, or maybe this one. I think it was a hint, but like you say sometimes it helps to wait a little while longer to finish one or the other. lol. Enjoyed your blog.


  2. Oh Janet, your unfinished projects are like mine. So many, which one. I love your houses. Enjoyed your post.
    Keep Stitchen'

  3. I love that all your quilt pictures have a cat on them ;o)...though your banner says it all...every quilt gets a cat scan! LOL

  4. It takes little longer time for you oops!!
    Naton wide cash is easy and fast