Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moving toward the finish line

Hopefully with no interuptions the quilt on the design wall will get put together today.
I decided I need one more row for the width it should go fast, as soon as I get started that is.
It only takes 3 wof a strip and a half of each to make 2 blocks it goes very fast.

I ordered a set of rulers from www.americanjane.com (can't seem to make the link work)to cut the triangles with. Hard to believe with all the rulers I have none of them worked as accuretly as this one.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Janet your quilt is looking so good..hope it is a good day for you....

  2. HMMMMMMM....I need to look in my sewing room. I think I have a tin & jelly roll for that pattern. Maybe not the same pattern. I like the quilt you are doing.Guess I should browse around. I am so tired of country I could die. I want to do something different! In fact I am hating my stash at the moment. Maybe should look and see if I do have this pattern and american jane fabric.

  3. Karen, I am loving American Jane fabric however this quilt is being made with all stash fabric.
    I keep thinking I can use up all my scraps so I can actually plan a quilt, not going to happen, what I have learned is scrap quilts create more scraps.

  4. special quilt...I desire to undertake a thing different! in reality I am hating my stash in the moment. possibly have to begin looking and see if I do have this pattern and american jane fabric.