Sunday, May 1, 2011

Now what?

I finished this quilt top, the pattern is from American Jane and was so fast and easy. Especially if you use a jelly roll, which I didn't have so I cut 2 1/2 " strips from my scraps basket.
Now it is going to age awhile I can't decide if I want to border or leave as is. The binding may be a challenge, but I love a challenge.

 There are no set in blocks to sew it goes together in rows.  I worried that I may have trouble matching the rows up and or that the seams were slightly on the bias.  But it came together nicely.
I also had the pleasure of baby sitting this little sweet heart over night. You would have thought I had a two year old kid here, the house was in shambles, but the pleasure of her company was worth it.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Love the quilt. Puppy is a sweetheart. She is so tiny!

  2. This is my first blog visit. Love love love the American Jane quilt top--I keep buying her books and patterns, but I haven't made any yet. Adorable puppy, but your "cat scan" is so funny--and true!!! No matter what I am working on or where, a cat is there to check it out.

  3. I have one of these hexegon quilts to make soon. I bought two jelly rolls and will add some of my stash fabrics too. I don't think the pattern I am using has three strips only two...will have to look at the finished quilts again to see which I like better. Yours certainly is pretty!

  4. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Your comment landed in my spam file and I just found it. I hope it will show up on my regular email file from now on. Love you quilts!!!!! And the kitty and doggie too.

  5. This pattern is a UFO in my closet! I haven't even thought ahead to a border or not. I kind of like the idea of no border, just to be different from most quilts!


  6. wow,these photos are so beautiful,i love cute.hehe