Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A time span quilt.

A friend commissioned me to help her get this vintage handmade quilt finished. It needed a back, quilted and the binding done.

The log cabin pieces are very tiny, the center piece measures 1/2" and consist of half square triangles. The overall design of the quilt is amazing.  It certainly deserved to be finished. I real can't decide what era it is from.

I had a local long-arm quilter/quilt designer just do simple meandering.    

The binding went fairly smoothly until:
There were a couple rough spot I had to deal with, I decided to just straighten out the corner.

It turned out okay.  Same corner in the photo below.

The backing seemed to match the quilt perfectly, I love it when that happens. 

 Finished and ready to be delivered as soon as it had a quick "Cat Scan"  

Happy Quilting!


  1. That looks like it's turning out GREAT!! Love the yellow binding.

  2. wow what a great thing to finish that vintage quilt GREAT JOB!!!! i love it.

  3. Your first close-up photo showing the fabrics includes pieces of stuff that my mother received in a box from a woman whose mother passed away. She said the fabrics were her mother's 1930s-50s stuff. Of course, that doesn't account for every fabric in this very fun vintage top. Love it!

  4. I love this scrappy quilt. Thanks you for sharing!

  5. that doesn't account for every fabric in this very fun vintage top. Love it!

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  6. What kind of foot was being used to sew on the binding? I think I need one..

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