Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thinking about the next one

Do you start thinking of the next quilt while working on the current one?  How many do you have on the design wall in your mind? 

I am so close to having this one ready to baste, (this will be my winter hand quilt project) I woke up this morning eager to finish this flimsy, so I can move on. 

My next quilt is somewhere in this container of treasured 1930’s fabrics.  It is either in this book “Granny Quilt Decor” by Darlene Zimmerman  or

  wip 006

perhaps in one of the magazines.wip 007

Cymba  is always eager to help.

wip 005 wip 004 wip 003

Here she is saying HEY it is time to take a break and pet my belly..

I started this post with the question "How many quilts on the design wall in your mind?"

Happy Quilting!


  1. Sometimes I wonder if the inside of my mind is just 1 big design wall that goes on forever !
    PS.. I had tried to comment the morning you caught Cymba on the table... (Blogger was not ccoperating) but that was one of the funniest posts I've ever read... She looks like she could get away with anything. Good luck narrowing down your winter project!

  2. Lots and lots and lots and lots! My head may explode one day from all the idea's. :)

  3. Two on my sewing table and a three more in bins waiting for sashing. Last year at this time there were no UFOs in my cupboard. This year, probably about eight.

  4. My mental design wall is packed to overflowing, and so is my practice block box. If I see a block that I like, I often take a break from what I'm working on and make up a sample, often a couple of them in different colors. And I have my practice blocks to refer to for future quilts. My sample box is so full of ideas that I might not ever get them all made. But thats alright, once I've made a couple of the blocks I can mentally move on. And I always have blocks ready for a sampler quilt; your know the kind - that emergency quiit that you need tomorrow (she went into labor early and its TWINS- was my last emergency quilts).

  5. Hi Janet... as a compulsive UFO maker, I'm amazed that you are only thinking about your next project at the end of your present project! When I grow up I want to be that disciplined!

  6. I have so many planned projects in my mind which are free and that's fine. I'm more concerned with the projects for which I have purchased the materials and are still just sitting there waiting to be created, which werent free and that's not fine :-)