Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This day has got to get better & Splenda a zillion $ a lb.

A dark, gloomy, rainy, windy day here in Idaho gets to a bad off to a bad start for me. My first indications was getting out of bed and stepping on a upchucked hairball. Only to find another in the middle of my dinning room table.

MY Sweet Cymba is never allowed on the table, who knows what else she does while I'm sleeping. Just look at that innocent face.

With that cleaned up I was ready to sit down with my first cup of coffee. Which is always the best cup of the day. I use Splenda in my coffee, (never could break the sugar habit) I quit smoking isn't that enough.

My sugar shaker was empty, I store Splenda in a snap top container on its side on the top shelf.

Evedentally I didn't get it snapped shut tightly when I put it away. Turned my back on it and out it poured. Not the way I had my day planned.

I'm afraid to turn on the news, I don't want to hear how far Obama is ahead,that will really ruin the day.

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