Thursday, January 29, 2009

Evolving quilting or should I say revolving

Life this week has been rather uneventful, waiting for the inversion to go away, finishing up the 16 patch and hourglass determined to finish before I start anther project. As I was working on this I was thinking how much I really love scrappy quilts.

My quilting started with scraps, bits & pieces.

Moving on to a little more difficult challenge at the time.

Then on to planned scraps. Kaleidoscope.

Then on to purchasing fabric intended only for a quilt, my grandmother would not have understood.

Then scrappy again.

Back to a plan.

Then on to a challenge hand quilting, which I still love, but today I find easier designs. My granddaughter Jessie it this photo, holding a pillow she made, she is now 13. This is a quilt I made for her mother.

Went through a period of making bargellos, I still like them and may do another soon.

Ahhhh yes then there was the paper piecing.

Love results but not to fond of paper piecing.

Then back to the scraps I never stray very far from.

This one is nearly finished.See Cymba's tale?

Now I think I need another challenge.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Great show! Its fascinating to see all the interests you've had. What I love the most? My favorite? Cymba's tail checking out the great Scrappy with Hourglass Blocks. Just love this quilt.

    ...and your banner cracked me up!

  2. Great quilts .... love the scrappy ones the most. For a challenge, I don't see any quilts with applique.

  3. You made so many quilts and all so beautiful! Thanks for showing...I also have a weakness for scrapquilts.

  4. Isn't funny how not matter how many other things we try and evey like we revert back to a favourite. I love scrap quilts too. And hate inversions. I am in SW Idaho too and am so glad to see blue skies over us the last few days.

  5. wow! Thanks for the tour! Your quilts are so beautiful--I was really blown away by the paper-pieced ones, but, like you, I am always drawn to the hominess of a scrap quilt.

  6. I love your quilts! Just curious what kind of sewing machine do you use?


  7. I truly admire quilters who can work with scrappy appeal. I get overwhelmed with the concept. I am slowly getting my feet wet with scrappiness, but I don't think I'll ever embrace it the way you have. :)

    I LOVE the 16 patch quilt.

  8. Your quilts are beautiful! I love the scrappy 16 patch and hourglass...I think Cymba has claimed this one for herself/himself...LOL sooo cute.

  9. I love the bargello! Actually I love all the pictures. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I always go for the simple designs. That scrappy 16 patch is a beauty!