Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marching on with Double Delight

I hate stop when I am so close to having the body of DD sewn together.
But my friend Marge is having pc problems so I need to stop for now and help her. (Like I know what I'm doing, sure I do.)

My body will be happy I am taking a break anyway.

Cymba is delighted so far.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I can see why Cymba is delighted...this is becoming a very pretty quilt! I love the color choices you made.

  2. It's beautiful!
    You have done this so quickly..
    Love your colours...
    Julia ♥

  3. Very beautiful! It would be hard to stop when you are so close to having it finished.

  4. I really like this, Janet. You are putting it together rather quickly.

    Ack!!! PC problems! I hate those. Good luck! :~)

  5. wow, the colors are just wonderful. I love your quilt!

  6. You are a good friend to stop and help out a buddy with PC problems. I dislike those.

    The quilt is coming together so great but I do have to admit, I find it best to get Cymba's opinion - overall. I mean, I'm just sayin'. :)

  7. It is fabulous! I need to get this one printed out.