Thursday, January 1, 2009

Which Resolution are you going to break first?

In my 66 years, I don't believe I have ever made a New Years resolution, I would just break them, then feel crummy.

I do make resolutions daily, or weekly, to accomplish more, to do better, to live fuller, to be happier, to be better person, to save more, and to eat healthier .

I have a gadget on my Google homepage, "How to of the Day" today's "How To" is from wikiHow about eating healthy some very good advice there.

For the people that vow to loss weight suddenly all the commercials are about exercise equipment, weight loss programs, a diet pill, or jogging clothes.

The buyers at the stores know that we make resolutions about organizing.
January is the best time to find that perfect organization gadgets, containerss or space savers, I am a sucker for somthing that helps me get organized.

Just a few thoughts this morning from the Idaho Quilter, waiting to feel better so I can begin the new year and shop for that perfect container.

A Happy New Year do all that visit my blog, I am happy that you stopped by.

And Happy Quilting!

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  1. Janet - I was in Target today and bought some totes for next Christmas. My girlfriend comes South to see her Mom and takes my Xmas gifts back North each year. I pack all my gifts in big plastic totes to make it easy for her as she also stores them until Xmas! While I was shopping, I almost bought more organizers for my stash, but I suddenly realized that I need to use more of it, not expand and organize it! Hope you feel better right quick and organize what you have in your stash! - Nancy