Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another week gone by.

I guess you have noticed my blogging has slowed way down, I have been very busy at the shop this past week. Mary has been getting lots of new fabrics, and patterns in.In addition to helping customers, I have been cutting and making up kits, this is one I will be making up tomorrow. Of all the sample quilts I have made for the shop this is probably my least favorite I'm not sure why I don't care for it. However it is one we get a lot of request for, so .

I did manage to get two bags completed, both will be shop samples. this one is made using a pattern called Purse-sonality by Stitchin Sisters, the fabric is Robert Kaufman. Isn't it a great bag?

It also has a easy little wallet to make,that is what you see sticking out the top of the bag. The curves make 2 hidden pockets on the inside. Fun.

This next one is also a shop sample I made this one using Alexander Henry Fabric, I just love the designs of Alexander Henry, however the bag was very difficult to make.

The bag has been on display only a short while and we have already had several offers of people wanting to buy it. But when the store is finished with it, it will go to my daughter. She travels alot I'm sure this wil be very useful for her.

She is going to Denver next month for a writers conference, she has ask if she could take it. It would be a big hit in Denver, don't you think? But Mary likes to keep them in the shop for about 4 to 5 months, it really helps sell the fabric and the patterns.
If it wasn't so darn difficult to make I would whip up another one in time for her trip, and who knows maybe I will.

Happy Trails to you, until next time.


  1. Hey Mom ~

    I figured the top bag was the one you mentioned was a bugger to make. I'd have never hinted so hard for the red one if I'd known that was the one that gave you fits.

    Don't rearrange your sewing plans to suit me. I've got plenty of bags I can pull out for my trip.

    I used to lament I had "so many quilts, so few beds!"

    Now I need to come up with an ending to "so many bags, so few ... hmmm, I'll have to think about that one.

    Remember when I was crabbing about shopping for but not finding a cascading hook-thing I had in my minds eye? It seemed like I should be able to find one to go on the back of my office door for my purses & bags? I found one!

    ... keep an eye on your mailbox next week. I think you need one too!

  2. Hi! I live in Meridian, Idaho and I'm curious which shop you make samples for? I visited 14 of the 17 Treasure Valley Quilt Shops on the Hop this past weekend and I bet I visited your store, too. I'd like to get that purse pattern! You do lovely work!

  3. Hi there! I just happened upon your blog and am so impressed with all of your work! How lucky the shop is to have you! Love the bags that you made...really appreciate all that you share!

    Mary Jo in Iowa

  4. Hi Janet -

    Those bags are darling! I'm working on a cowboy-themed quilt right now: just a simple nine-patch and snowball block pattern, but it uses some cute cowboy fabrics with very bright accent colors. I can't post any progress photos because it's a gift for someone who reads my blog. But it's sure fun to work with those fabrics, isn't it? Yee Haw!!