Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Morning

It is a  beautiful Monday morning here in Idaho, I think spring has finally sprung.We had a nice warm temperature over the weekend it actually got up into the 70's. 

I have been busy working on a pattern for beginners, we have a lot of request for easy patterns.  Mary hadn't been able to find just a simple little pattern that wasn't in a expensive book.  So I offered to design and write one, sounded like a simple task. The pattern is written especially for a beginner, from rotary cutter safety to finishing the quilt, including binding.

Two weeks and many re-writes later, here it is.  Finished at last, Mary will be buying them from me. so I can consider myself published. TOOT TOOT, sorry that is me tooting my own horn.

Now I can get back to quilt making, we have a new book in the shop I will be working out of. I can sew using someone else design and not worry about taking notes or all the little details that come with writing a pattern.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Woo hoo! Way to go girl friend! I need to purchase one for a friend. Let me know how I can get one.

    Ahleigh and I went to the quilt show Sat. It was a disappointment. Not as many neat quilts as usual....but it was nice to be around so many quilts. I thought of you as we meandered though the quilts.

    Have a great week! Karen

  2. Congratulations! That is fabulous!

  3. Congratulations!! That is so cool!

  4. Good for you, Janet! I love that simple little pattern. How can I get one?

  5. Ooooh, I want one too. I have a friend who wants to learn, but she lives too far away for me to teach her. What a great thing! Congrats! Let me know how I can get one. Do you have a paypal acct?
    I like the book too. I may have to check into that one!

  6. Congrat's on your pattern,, pattern writting is not for the faint of heart!! Now you can reward yourself with some quality Sewing time. Did you get snow today? We did in Salmon, no enough to stick but it's still cold. BRRRRRR!

  7. Hello Janet..
    Just wanted to tell you that I have finished a tutorial I got from you/ your blogg...
    I made it in redwork and I am realy pleased with the outcome of your challenge. Thank you so much for sharing .
    I can see that you are realy busy and are having a great time at the quilt shop.
    Take care and have a nice weekend..