Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Shop Sample Finished Cozy Cabin

Another quilt finished for the quilt shop, we had sent this one out to be quilted, it was returned a few days ago,I had the binding ready to go, I usually cut and prepare the binding when I make the quilt top.

We hung this quilt at the shop Tuesday, I stood back to see that it was straight and bam a glaring mistake jumped out at me. I am going to let you see if you can spot it, to me it stands out like a sore thumb. But there it is hanging in the shop for all to see, and every time I look at it that is what I see.

This quilt will eventually go to one of my sons and I am sure they won't mind, or even notice if I don't point it out.

I have been working on creating a pattern for a simple little four patch quilt for beginners. We don't have room at the shop to offer classes, but we have people requesting a simple starter quilt pattern.

I thought it would be simple to write a pattern for a beginner. The problem I am struggling with now is when to quit. Writing the pattern was easy, trying to write for someone that had never held a rotary cutter is a little harder.

Any advice would be helpful...

Happy Quilting!


  1. Lovely quilt top Janet, I can't see anything jumping out at me, the only thing I thought was maybe the dar hourglass in the top left hand corner, but I could be wrong.
    As far as the pattern writting, there's a couple of suggestions. 1. Refer them to a good beginners book that they can check out from their local library or 2. Give photographed examples of how to use the cutter. But I think that would then turn it into a book form rather than a pattern.

  2. Ok come on, now my brother found the mistake, you quilters surely can.

  3. Ok it's the top left corner in the border, but all you really did was make the quilt safe from all evil for your brother!