Friday, July 30, 2010

I finally finished something!! Yeah!

Rusty Crop Circles is DONE. It has been over a year since I finished anything. I feel so good. It has been a struggle since I moved away from my quilting group.

I live in a mobile home park with 150 homes and not 1 quilter, We have a beautiful clubhouse we could use to sew in. Anyone in the Gresham/Fairview area interested in getting together?
Of course Cymba had to give it the cat scan.

Pieced back of course.

I finished the binding yesterday morning, threw it in the washer, as soon as it was out of the dryer it was on its way to my Granddaughter. Along with a couple pillow cases I made.
Until next time,

Happy Quilting!
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  1. I´d be sure to join you if I lived a bit closer!!!
    You did a good job! Hope many nice people will find and join you.
    Beatriz (too)

  2. Janet, so glad to see you posting again. I'm glad you are moved and settled. We finally are mostly moved to Rupert still have to go to WA to get the quilting machine now that the new quilt room is finished.

  3. So glad you are back. I found you by searching for string quilts quite awhile ago. I've just made you choc. cake in cup. and enjoyed it very much.

  4. И везде на одеялах коты,коты...Мои коты тоже любят,когда я шью и сразу лезут на одеяло.