Saturday, June 9, 2007

June Garden

Shasta Daisy finally in bloom.

Lettuce ready to eat.

Costco geraniums, worth every penny!!!

Curbside Volunteers

Love my Hollyhocks
Almost ready to bloom.
Always remind me of my Grandma Millie

Patsy Cline in full bloom.

Strawberry Path,
plate edging.


  1. Beautiful flowers and site! Glad it worked for you. I'm going to try to a list of bloggers who are joining Shelly in this wonderful gift for the children. When I get the code done I will post it so you can add the drop down list to your site as well.

    My head is spinning like a top again today. Trying to re-teach myself to crochet as well as doing laundry and chasing off Grey Breasted Jays that are raiding my, little bird, bird feeders.

    Come back and visit me.

  2. Oh one more thing, *giggle* when I first saw your comment, I thought I had commented on my own site.

    If you will share your email with me via jcope220 at gmail dot com I like to respond to comments privately. Just my method.