Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mammogram Letter

Why in the world would they send a letter, so it arrives on Saturday.

'Greetings, we found something when we squashed your tits and now we need to do it again. Please call to make an appointment.'

It's Saturday!!!!! Why do I need to worry about this all weekend.

If in fact it was 'SOMETHING' don't you think they would have picked up the phone and called me? Screaming, "Oh My God, you got to get in here as soon as possible."

The envelope wasn't even marked "urgent" like the letters I get when they are trying to sell me a hearing aide.
Sometimes those letters come with an
offer to 'have dinner on them', if only, I will come and listen to their speel on how this product is going to change my life.

This letter has no invitation to dinner, no offer to change my life, even though it could!

1 comment:

  1. It seems like lately I have to go back for a different view every time.

    Try not to worry to much, if it was awful, awful I'm sure you would have gotten a call.