Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday 13 Things that are Frustrating

I'm new at blogging, but I guess the tradition is on Thursdays you are suppose share 13 things about yourself. It might take me all day but here goes.

1. I am new at blogging, but it is getting less frustrating.

2. Getting to know my way around HTML.

3. I have a fat cat that needs a tummy tuck.

4. This morning I put potatoes on the stove to boil for potato salad, then got on the computer. About 20 minutes I smell something burning, got up looked out the window, duh. About that time the smoke detector went off. BIG DUH.

5. I can't figure out how save or to add clip art to my blog.

6. I won't give up.

7. I would like to loose weight, but I want it to be easy.

8. The banks hidden charges.

9. My neighbors dog that barks at the drop of a hat.

10. Bought stuff to kill the earwigs that are eating my garden, now the earth worms are dying.

11. Can't find the dip stick on my power steering fluid.

12. The month last longer than the money.

13. I did it, the first of my 13 things post. Wasn't frustrating at all.

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