Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Need to get back to Quilting

Originally uploaded by IdahoQuilter

December is upon us, another year almost used up.

A time for review.

I did manage to grow enough pole beans to feed me and the neighbors. I was even successful at growing birdhouse gourds, now to figure out how to get them dry. I am hoping nature will give me the solution, I have left them on the vine.

Stawberries were a different story, 2 years ago I had a bumper (farmers language) crop. This year the birds had a breakfast every morning in my strawberry patch. There were only enough to feed a few birds so I let them have at it.

This applique wall hanging has been in my UFO pile for at least 3 years. It is now finished, all it needed was a border and binding. This project was from a class I took on needle turn applique.

I am now determinded to get my sewing room back in order and finish other UFO's.


  1. Hiya Janet, Yes, I stack my 2-1/2" strips in a layer of 4. Then using my smaller ruler, I cut squares, creating a stack for my square library. About every 2-3 cuts, I re-trim the end to make sure it's even. Happy Holidays. San

  2. Lovely applique and I like the border fabric you used.

    Many thanks for visiting my blog. I tried to reply back to you, but your email address is 'no reply'. Good luck with your placemat class and I'm glad that you were able to get ideas for the class.