Thursday, December 13, 2007

Working Through the Blues

I named this "Friendship Star" *Working Through the Blues*, because I was working on it while my 18 year marriage was coming to an end.

Quilt top has been in my UFO pile for 8 years, it was even baisted, ready to quilt.
About time I finished it , don't you think?

The quilt back is a medium blue flannel print, problem with that is the quilting stitches do not show up. I always love the look of the hand quilting on the back of a quilt. If it hadn't already been baisted I may have changed it.

I am a little rusty at hand quilting, but enjoying it nether the less.
I never was able to get those perfect little stitches that everyone desires, but getting it done is the main goal.

However I notice my stitches are improving as I go.

Problem is my finger tips dry out and crack,. I have recently found this NEXCARE Skin Crack Care a 3M product in the band aid section of the drug store. It is the only thing I have found that works in a day or less. Paint it on the crack twice a day, it's great.

quilting tools
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  1. That is a beautiful quilt you have there on the hoop! I love the blue colors!