Thursday, December 27, 2007

Taming the border and a sewing tip.

I had so much trouble with this border, on my string quilt I'm not sure what the problem was. I usually like to baste the border edge and the backing together after I have finished quilting the body of the quilt. But this one wanted to stand up and wave. I undid the basting and continued the quilting to the edge, there are no short cuts if you want it to lay flat. Now I am glad I did the extra quilting. The binding went on so easy, then tonight it will get sewn down by hand and Waaaaaa Laaaa, done..
As I was sewing this morning I looked over at my right side. I had my camera handy so I thought I would share this tip with you. I use a scrap of batting beside the sewing machine to catch the stray threads. Better than being wrapped around the vacuum cleaner brush. Although there are plenty of those too, it does help a little. I also have my tin handy to drop my basting pins in, it is beside the cold cup a coffee. I also use blunt scissors to clip threads with, ever poke a hole in a quilt?

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