Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am so lucky

I have a new quilt shop 5 blocks from my home, "All About Quilts". Mary Sweet is the owner and she is just as sweet as her name.
As I said in a previous post, Flower Box Mary has ask me to sew samples for the store. I can hardly wait to start on my next project, from this gorgeous magazine "Quilt Pink".

The pattern is called French Rose. The roses are layered in rough edge applique.

This is the fabric I will be working with,
the pastel solids will be the back ground blocks,
the large pink rose fabric will be the border,
the remainder will be the layered roses.
We have yet to select the inner border and the backing.

Mary furnishes all the fabric and supplies that I need for each project, even the thread. When the quilt has worn out its usefulness at the quilt shop it will be mine to keep.

I feel very lucky to have this opportunity, especially sense I have vowed not to buy any fabric until I have used up at least half of my stash.

Speaking of stash, 1 of 2 closets, On my list of things to do, straighten this up.


  1. The colors for the new quilt are so "shabby chic", I love it. And the quilt will eventually come back to you? I'd say you are really on to something with this arrangement. For your rearranging stash project, Maybe you should just get some boxes.. Put all your fab in them, make your plan by color, and then start putting it all back. It may not be so overwhelming that way and could get you done faster. Just a suggestion... Happy New Year, Janet!

  2. Such pretty fabric - lucky you!

  3. Well... you can call it luck if you want to. I happen to believe God knows what makes your heart sing and is delighting in giving it to you.

    :) Happy sewing, Mom!

    I'm writing today...

  4. Can't wait to see results of this quilt! I love the pattern and the fabric..yummy so sweet!