Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thinking about next quilt already

Why am I always thinking about the next quilt, while working on a current project.
I know I am not alone in this, several of my quilting buddy's tell me the same thing. I am trying very hard not to start anything until I get some UFO's done. Yesterday I just couldn't help myself I pulled fabric for this quilt, I want to use the medium tones simular to the picture.And of course just had to make a sample block.Then today I was looking through photos of previous quilts I have made and found this one. The setting is differnt but the block is the same.I had even forgotten I made this one, I never dreamed when I started quilting that I would make so many I would forget one.. My daughter must have this one in her stash. I do remember that I quilted it by hand using a "Big Stitch" with crochet thread.


  1. I recognize that quilt photo - I must have that book! I'm almost ready to start a new piecing project too but I want to assemble the boxed squares blocks first.

  2. can you tell us the name of this book ?
    I hope I have it too.
    I am always looking for new quilts to make from my stash!
    I too am thinking about my next quilt before this quilt is finished!
    think it is part of the quiltmaking process!