Thursday, July 10, 2008

Does anyone else do this?

I eat a bowl of Cheerios or special K nearly every morning. I have a medication I have to take on an empty stomach . So my normal routine, out of bed between 6 & 7, make the coffee,take my pill, turn on the computer, feed the cat, check email. Then eat a bowl of cereal.

That should be how it goes.

This morning I slept til 7.
Turn on the coffee,computer, & take my pill, then while the coffee is making I decide to add a few things to the dishwasher from the night before and turn it on.

Then the cat wants out, I see the lawn need watering, so I go out and I set up the sprinkler.

I want to vacuum today, so when I come back in I get the vac um out. But first I want to have that cup of coffee. I grab a cup, and check my email. That leads me to a couple of interesting sites, I peruse for awhile.

I decide it is time for my bowl of Cheerios, I get a bowl out of the dishwasher (it has finished) then decide I might as well empty it while I'm there.

I select the bowl, I need to open a new box of cereal, which I then store in a container. Of course it needs the crumbs dumped out first, then rinsed and dried. I pour my Cheerios and reach for the milk, Oh Oh it's trash day, I better check and see what needs cleaned out.

The milk is on the cabinet, the Cheerios are in the bowl.

I better check the other rooms for trash,I check the bathrooms trash, while I'm in the bathroom I see the litter box needs dumped.
I might as well give the toilet a scrub while I'm in there too.

Trash is out, dishwasher is empty, the sprinkler is going, my coffee is getting cold.

Back to the kitchen pour the milk, slice a banana, sit down in front of the computer to eat.

A couple of bites later the cat wants in, when I go to the door I see it is time to move the sprinkler, I wander around the side of the house to see if it needs watering too.
Next thing I know I am pulling weeds, and my Cheerios are getting soggy.

Back in the house I remember the power co. said our power may be off for a couple hours this morning, so I better run the vacuum real quick.

Ok, three hours later I am finishing my soggy Cheerios.

Do you get side tracked?


  1. Oh yeah! I can relate to this. Plus the fact that I sometimes (= often) don’t know why I went upstairs or downstairs anymore...
    I hate when my cereal gets soggy.

    I wanted to make a banana/grapefruit smoothie this morning and had put a banana in the freezer last night, but I forgot to take the peal of...

  2. All the time! If someone can tell me how to stop, please tell me!

  3. Honey, I stay sidetracked!!!! You just posted my life story!!! I constantly jump from one thing to another! Hubby teases me that I have ADHD.

  4. Absolutely. A 70 year old friend said sh thinks I have the beginnings of altzheimers. HAH! I'm only 46. Couldn't possibly be a medical reason - it must be because I am artistic. LOL Cherrie

  5. Always! Sidetrack is my middlename!(lol)

  6. LOL! That sounds exactly like me. At that point, I just pick up the bowl and drink those cheerios down. They just slide down so easily! LOL

    And all this time by boys will keep telling me "Mom, you really need to eat those now."