Thursday, July 3, 2008

A new subject for my blog?

For the past 6 or 7 months the subject of my blog has been all about quilts, which happens to be the name of the quilt shop I took so much interest in.

I am really going to miss the shop when she closes, it was so close to where I live I could pop in almost everyday when I wasn't working there. However I will still have all the wonderful new friends that I've made.

Several people have commented that maybe I will be able to continute to work for a new owner. Mary never considered selling the shop, she figured she had not been in business long enough, so that will not be an option. She will be closing on the
26th of July I will be working that final week, everything will be 40% off, she expects to be very busy.

Her husband has the computer store next door, he will be expanding into her space, so no more "All About Quilts" as of the end of July.

If you have followed my blog for the last few months you would think I had nothing else going on but quilting.

Not true, I also have a large flower garden to tend to, a home that I love decorating, and redecorating. I always have projects going on, I'm seldom idle.

You will be reading and seeing a new theme to my blog, so stay tuned.

Watch for a give-a-away, especially if you love vintage fabric, it will be coming soon.


  1. So sad that the shop will be closing. I live in a very rural area of KY and I don't have any quilt shops close. I usually have to drive at least 1 1/2 hours to get to the nearest one.

  2. Hi Janet -

    Well, a new phase is about to begin for you, eh? I know you’ll keep busy - no doubt about it.

    Just promise that you'll continue to post photos of whatever project you’re working on - quilting or not. You're too talented not to share! :-)

    Have a Happy Fourth of July!

  3. This is a new chapter for you. It's always sad to see a quilt shop go though.

  4. Well I just can hardly wait to read your old posts if they're all about quilts. Looks like I need to get a nice cup of coffee and sit here for a while!

    I am going to make some little quilts for my wall and I'm so excited. I love to piece but have never quilts a thing in my life. Thought I'd start small.