Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yes I am still quilting here at the Idaho Quilters

Time for an update on what the Idaho Quilter has been up to. For having a quilting blog I haven't been posting much about quilting the last couple weeks. But the quilting hasn't stopped I just took a blogging break.

Also now that Santa has delivered all the packages I can show what what was in some of those packages I mailed.

The first package went to my Grandson & Great-Grandson in Denver.

Jeremy's flannel quilt.

Julian's fire truck quilt
I sweat ed over the arrival of these two, I mailed them Priority mail, yet they took 6 days to get there. I worried thinking I shouldn't have put both quilts in the same box, at least that way maybe they wouldn't have both been lost. But I worried for nothing, the post office came through and did their job.

Now mailing these packages

to Portland was a different story. Two of them arrived with in a week, but they were having terrible snow storms in Portland causing delays in all mail delivery. the last package arrived in time.
Does any one else worry when they mail quilts.

the next two quilt went to great grand children also
When I was visiting in Portland last summer my granddaughter ask if I would make a TV blanket for her daughter, one that she could use drag around and not have to worry about. One that would launder easily. A couple quick flannels quilts one for Hanna & one for Willie.

I made 15 pair of the fleece sleeping socks, they went to everyone.

While doing this post I have had so much frustration finding the photos I wanted to add, I almost gave up. I have got to find a better way to organize my photos. Any suggestions?
Today the weather is not delightful, 19 degrees with blowing snow. A good day to stay in doors and sew.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Janet and Happy New Year! You obviously have a "Pictures" file and what I do is make up a separate file within Pictures for different groups, such as Church, Family, Old Pics, Quilts, etc. That way, when you are looking for specific pictures, you can easily find them within their own file. I hope this helps!

    Marcia at

  2. Such wonderful gifts. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. On picture organization...

    my camera software transfers pictures by setting up folders by date. So, I keep a time system (create a folder called 2008 and move all 2008 dated folders into that one) since my memory sometimes recalls about when I took the picture.

    However, I occasionally go through the picture folders and delete the bad ones and then COPY the best into subject folders. Think of this method of keeping the negatives in one place and putting the best pictures into albums.

    I don't mind having copies of the same photo in different folders if it helps to locate it. You may have a folder called "Quilts" with a subfolder called "Quilt shows" and then more folders in that one for year and locations of the shows. But, you may want to have new subfolders which be labeled for a purpose such as "ideas - colors", "ideas - borders", etc.

    I also have a folder of "favorites" which I can put up on the computer as a slide show. You may want to create a folder of "pictures to post or posted on blog"

    Also, think about renaming your pictures as soon as feasible. Some software may have an easy way of renaming a series of photos (from mvc-154.jpg etc to 2008_Christmas 00x.jpg - you get the year, purpose and sequence of pictures.) Don't rely on the date of picture since that may change if you modifiy it or even look at it (depending on system). Also name the folder/picture so you know what is on the picture without having to look at it.

    Finally, I hope you are backing up the pictures. You can get an external hard drive with a USB cable that makes backup a lot easier. They are not that large in size but have lots of space (1-2 gigs of space) and easier to find than lots of flash drives.

    Hope this helps