Friday, March 21, 2008

Car Trouble whoa's

You know how frustrating computers can be, well as it turns out most cars have at least 20 different computers, the newer the car the more computers. Well I thought they could hook it up to a computer and diagnose problems in a snap, not so.
The problem started when all my dash lights came on that had anything to do with the brakes. After several days of them staying on I took it to my friendly garage, they decided it was in the ignition switch, so they ordered a switch put it in and guess what, the lights stayed.

No charge, they needed me to leave the car so they could have time to figure it out. Then they decided it was the EBCT, electronic brake control module, very expensive part if you order a new one, I guess like a $1000.
Holy cow, I called my son Tom in Portland, who happens to be in the used car part business, he was able to send me the part at his cost, I don't know what he paid he wouldn't tell me. Any way I took the car back yesterday with the new part that my son had sent to me.
They said it would be a short wait while they installed the part. After 2 hours I got anxious and ask what was happening, they said they needed to keep the car longer that they still didn't know what the problem was and I didn't need that part after all, but my rear brakes were not working.
So I left the car over night again, they just called to tell me my car is ready, that I didn't need any parts after all, some valve was stuck on the ABS pump, what ever that is.

I wanted to stay in my pj's and sew this morning, but I better go get my car. I have some new things to show from the shop, that will have to wait.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Car troubles are the worst!!! I am so sorry. It's the money, the time, the inconvenience--- I guess I'm not helping. I think the moral of the story is from now on pocket up some stitching with you where ever you go. Think of how much sewing you could have done in that 2 hours!!!! Never leave home without it.