Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A New Shop Sample to Sew

A day late but as I promised a new shop sample.
For those of you new to my blog I sew samples for a quilt shop that is dangerously close to my house,about 5 blocks away.
Mary furnishes everything including the thread, I furnish the labor. The quilt will then be displayed in the shop for 4 or 5 months, or until she needs the space. When it has served it's usefulness at the shop it is mine to keep.
We are both very happy with the arrangement, it certainly works out good for me. I get to sew on the latest fabric with the newest patterns something I would never get to do living alone on a fixed income. And just think of the Christmas gifts I will have stacked up.

"Summers Basket of Flowers" is a new line of fabric by Moda. I just love the red and yellows, they have such a traditional country feel to them.

And just look at this I can see lots of uses for this, just think you much time you could save on borders. This fabric is designed to cut lengthwise, between to rows, they have left just enough fabric for the seam allowance.

This is larger than it looks, each square is 20" the quilt will measure 68" X 68" The Sunflower cornerstones are 8" each.

Mary didn't get the picket fence fabric in, so we are going to go ahead and use the red for the border. I will like it better anyway.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Are those sunflowers a printed panel or did you cut them out and so quickly? I love the colors here!

  2. That looks like a fun project. Enjoy!

  3. Just lovely, that will keep you busy for a while....

  4. Are the sunflowers cheater blocks(preprinted) What a great project do teach someone to do hand quilting on with out having to do lots of stitching.

    You've got a great arrangement with the shop!


  5. That is nifty fabric for sure! I'm particularly impressed with the gaps left to cut the diagonal strips. What fun!

  6. Love the quilt square but I also want to give a nod to the picture of the spools of thread in the header. Nicely done!

    I enjoyed all of the entries in Cottage Magpie's Green Roundup so much that I'm adding a post to my blog about it too.

  7. Janet- I haven't seen a post from you in over a year (June 2011). I sure miss checking in on you and what you are creating.