Monday, March 24, 2008

Shop Samples are keeping me busy

I spent this afternoon at the quilt shop helping Mary hang quilts.
I pieced this quilt a few weeks ago ,then it was sent out to be quilted, it came back of Friday, I was able to get the binding on over the weekend.

I put this together last week, we hung it today too.

Made this tote bag from the leftovers of the above quilt. I love the colors.

Reverse side, did I say I love these colors together..
Also took the table runner from the tutorial I did last week, the fabrics are all from the shop.

I finished two little wall hangings this morning, there is a series of 12, one for each month, I will eventually be doing all 12. Fusing and machine applique, not my favorite thing to do.

While I was there I took a photos of a few previous projects I have completed for the shop.
I need to email my daughter and have her check out this post, so she can pick out her birthday present. Her birthday is in Sept. I'm sure I will have some of these back in my possession by then.

Sew that is what I have been up to lately.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Awesome! That is all I can say. Karen

  2. What wonderful eye candy! I don't know how your daughter will pick just one thing! You do wonderful

  3. Just wonderful! all of them!

    You have been very busy. I really like the sunflowers quilt and what you did with the left overs.

  4. You've been INCREDIBLY busy!!! I love all of them-- is it hard letting them go???

  5. What wonderful work!! and very inspirational!! Thank you!!

  6. Good Golly! You are a prolific woman. You do such beautiful work! Thanks for the pictures, I never tire of pictures!

  7. Wow, thanks for sharing all these pictures. Everything is beautiful. I love the bag made from Simplicity fabrics - I'm rather addicted to them at the moment. Thanks for the tablerunner tutorial too - very interesting.

  8. Love the quilt with the sunflowers in it...beautiful...what pattern is it? I am also tagging you...check out my blog for the rules. Wendy at

  9. Gosh Janet, you do SUCH nice work! I think I say this every time I visit your blog, but you truly inspire me! Thanks for the lovely photos.

    My cousin in Preston (down by the Utah border) says it snowed again yesterday. Any signs of spring in your neck of the state?

  10. Wow you have been very busy and I have not, uhu...
    Love your things and you are realy great with colours! I have had a realy nice vacation and am ready to go back to quiltland again after catching up with some blogging.

  11. I visited your blog today. I really like the basket quilt sample that you did. I can see the book/pattern in one of your pictures. Do you have more info as to who the designer is or the name of the book? I will do a Google search and see if I can come up with anything. I would like to check it out.

  12. I liked your wall hanging. Nicce way of hanging it on the wall to