Thursday, February 7, 2008

Christal's Quilt Ready To Go

Washed, Signed, Sealed and ready to ship.

Cymba just had to give it a test drive first.
I just love the look and feel of hand quilting after the quilt is washed for the first time.
You can read the story behind this quilt here.
It is very hard to trust the mail with a quilt such as this. It's like sending off one of your kids to camp for the first time, hard to let go. The quilt only has to travel about 400 miles, I'll just hold my breath until it gets there.


  1. Christal is soooooo lucky!

    Handquilting is my favorite too--it is so cuddly, especially compared to heavy machine quilting. Alas, I am not patient enough to handquilt a whole quilt, but I do often do a mixture of handquilting and machine quilting in order to keep the quilt as cuddly as possible.

    Great job! She's gonna love it!

  2. So, mom, what did you call Christal's quilt?

    Close Calls would have been good ...