Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm so happy

See that block in the lower left hand corner, I'm so happy it is finished.

That block took me an hour and half to complete, the block is called Guerrillas, the name is correct, it was a guerrilla to make.
I must admit it is a terrific looking block, and exactly 6.5 ", paper piece is always so accurate.
I decided to only work out of the CW Love Letter book.
15 blocks finished and several more drafted and ready to go. I'm wishing now I would have done them all in the red white and blue. Oh well no turning back now.

I have been working on this quilt , for Mary at "All About Quilts". It is to be a quilt shop sample. We select the fabric together it is always so much fun picking out the fabric for a new project, especially when price is no object. We try to make selections that resemble the pattern as much as possible. We did a pretty god job of that, but
I am not happy with the outcome, to me it looks like a little quilt with a bunch of borders sewed on.
I took the top to the shop yesterday and Mary just loves it. She likes it so well she is going to send this one out to be quilted. Maybe when it comes back I'll like it better. I'm sure the scalloped border will help.

Kathie over at Inspired by Antique Quilts has suggested making this quilt for March madness, hey you go girl, I have already did that march.

I made this quilt top about 8 years ago as a group mystery quilt. I just recently came across it when I cleaned my sewing room, now it has been added to my ufo list of things to finish this year.


  1. Your LL blocks are looking terrific, my gosh that last block looks like a royal pain in the neck to put together, but like you said PP is always so accurate. Love the mystery quilt you did, what a stunner.

  2. YOU are so lucky!!!!!
    it is a great quilt and I love it with the yellow and white pinwheels!
    and all those cw blocks
    amazing, aren't the just too fun to make!
    Thank you I am so happy to see this post today!

  3. The CW blocks are coming along nicely! Funny but the UFO quilt looks to be of the same colors of the March Madness suggestion. Enjoy your day and hope the weather is improving for you!

  4. your CW blocks are lovely. You have done some hard blocks. Great work.

  5. Wow what a great job you are doing on your CW blocks and yes you must finish the 8 year old UFO it is just lovely...

  6. You CW blocks are WONDERFUL! I love that last block...well worth the time and effort. I too love the red white and blue and when I did the last block thought the exact same thing.
    I love the quilt top...scallops will make a hug difference and once it is quilted you will like it better.
    You really need to quilt that UFO. Beautiful!!!

  7. Oh but that block is so worth it!! I plan to make one too. I'm thinking now I might need to get the software for some of these blocks.

  8. I just stumbled onto your blog and absoutely love the work you're doing! Your UFO is especially lovely!

    I'm a new quilter and will be learning paper piecing in next week's class. From the look of your completed block, it looks like it will be a lesson well worh the time.

    BTW: I grew up in Salt Lake City and had family in Emmett and in Boise. :-)

  9. Your civil war blocks look great, I have just started on mine.

  10. You have some lovely blog ! And so many wonderful quilts! The log cabin quilt is stunning!

  11. OMG that block looks like a beast to do but it is SOOOOOOOOO worth it. It's awesome. I need to work on my paper piecing skills a bit before I tackle that one. Love your "March Madness" quilt. I bought the book just for that quilt a couple of years ago. I must do it. We lived in Idaho when I was in Jr dad was in the Air Force and stationed at Mt Home. We always came to the rodeo in Nampa.

  12. Hope your scalope quilt turns out well for you. I love your "new" UFO, it is realy beautiful. Take care!

  13. Wow, Your CW blocks are beautiful. I love all those blocks and very enjoyed see them.*S*
    Oh, and your repro quilt is stunning.Thank you for sharing a picture!

  14. That guerilla block is something else! Awesomely well done! It won't be long before I will need to switch to paper piecing - yesterday's Southern Cause had me in a spin and it is nothing compared to your Guerilla! :-) Lily