Monday, February 11, 2008

Something Finished and Something New

Another UFO bites the dust. I don't have a name for this quilt, I know the pattern came from the
Buggy Barnso I'll just call it Buggy Barn Stars.
I found the blocks when I cleaned the sewing room last month, not sure when I started this. I layed the blocks out and designed the border as soon as I came across the them, I sewed them together straight away, then it was put aside again. Maybe so I could do a sample for the shop any way I finished it Saturday, while waitng for the Nascar race to start. I did some free motion practicing on this quilt, wow I need a lot more practice, for sure. I did learn I could slow the motor speed and have a lot better contol over the length of my stitches, now if I could just make nice even turns.
And the quilt back, not sure what the spot is, came from the camera it is not on the quilt.
And a new project.
Happy Quilting!


  1. You are always soooo productive, I really admire you for that! The new project looks interesting.. Are you appliqueing on the blocks?

  2. Very nice quilt you have just completed, the free motion quilting looks good...Thanks for dropping by my blog...good choice in movies, "Gone with the Wind" one of my favourites, who wouldn't love Rhett.

  3. Janet! I am so impressed! I love the colors and pattern on the UFO, and I think you did great on your FMQ. I have FMQ almost all my quilts, and I still don't have even stitches or great turns.

    Your new project looks really fun! What pattern is that?

  4. What a lovely star quilt, but then I love anything with stars. Your new project looks interesting, look forward to seeing it's progress.

  5. Thank you for visiting and left a very nice compliment on my blog earlier. :-)
    Wooo, I love your Buggy Barn quilt! and quilting is so beautiful. I love this wondering star quilting, it's so lovely.
    and I'm very curious about your new project. It looks so fun!

  6. What a lovely quilt and a very nice backing..
    Have a nice weekend!