Friday, February 15, 2008

Vintage Quilt Show

I wanted to move on from my last post. I haven't been in my sewing room for days, so with nothing new to share I'll share some old.

A quilt made by my grandmother,Millie Moore, with my granddaughter, Jessica, her great great granddaughter..

A simple little quilt that is thread bare, but still loved. Not sure where I found this.

Purchased this quilt at Salvation Army Store for $5. years ago. It is very very heavy, this quilt dated 1900.

A rescue quilt, I stopped a friend from using this as a packing blanket, the edges were tattered and stained, I cut off the bad parts, and made it into a twin size. Not sure how old this one is or who made it.

I purchased this top on ebay several years ago, I hand quilted it then re sold it so it is no longer in my collection but I wish now it was. I love the colors and the way the maker made use of the stripes.

Another ebay quilt top I sent this one out to be quilted, it spends summers on my bed.

The date of this quilt is self explanatory, this quilt was made by my step father's father, the story is he worked on this quilt while being snowed in one winter in Kansas. His future wifes name is also embroidered on it.

This quilt top was made by my ex mother-in-laws aunt in Missouri, she gave it to my ex husband and I hand quilted it. I no longer have it either it went with the ex, along with the next quilt.

This quilt belonged to my ex mother-in-law, she gave it to me as a birthday gift one year, when the divorce happened she wanted it back in her family., so I no longer have it either. I was always going to duplicate this quilt, maybe I will yet.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Love your grandmothers Crazy quilt. Your grandaughter looks tiny on it LOL... sorry to hear your story of the gifted/ then asked back quilt... no words for that one... just speechless. Thanks for giving the Cyber quilt show,I enjoyed it, Janet

  2. Thanks for the mini quilt show. I really enjoyed it. Doesn't really seem very fair to give someone and gift and then ask for it back, no matter the reason. Oh well, you make one and it will even be better and prettier. :0)

  3. Great vintage quilts!!! You've Got me wishing for the thirties prints... I've never made anything with them....

  4. Thanks for the quilt show! You have some lovely quilts.

  5. What a fabulous quilt tour! My favorite story is the great grandfather making the crazy quilt--I like to imagine the long hours by firelight and the quilt growing and growing . . .

    I'm so glad that you have photos of the quilts you no longer own. I'm sure you miss them.

  6. You showed pictures of some very pretty quilts. Thanks. I really like the one that used the striped fabric in different directions. I am sorry you had to give back your gift. I can't imagine asking for a gift back, no matter what the circumstances. You are a good sport!

  7. Thank you for sharing your quilts with quite a memory...
    I really like your grandmather's colorful quilt. It looks so cute!