Monday, February 4, 2008


It has taken a span of 75 years and a illness for the this quilt to be finished, it is nearly there. My niece Christal, bought this quilt top from a donation center where she works,4 years ago. Christal knew when she gave it to me that I would love it and care for it, I told her at the time I would hand quilt it and it would be hers again, someday.
I added the borders from my stash, the border fabric is not true to a 30's fabric, but I thought it went nicely with the quilt, I used the same fabric on the back. If you know the name of this pattern please let me know. While working on the quilting I hauled this quilt across the United States and back, however the quilt got put aside, buried in a trunk for the last year or so, forgotten.

Until recently Christal had a close call with a medical emergency, she spent nearly 3 weeks in critical care unit with a infection in her mastoid bone behind her ear, which caused an infection in her brain, a very close call.
When I heard the news of her illness I immediately thought of this quilt.
I dug it out to find that I only had one border to finish the quilting and the binding to put on.

I put the quilt away because I always thought the binding needed to match the green in the quilt and someday I would find just the right green. But when I heard this bad news of Christal's illness, the perfect green didn't matter, finishing the quilt mattered.
Yesterday the binding was sewn on, brand new fabric, not the perfect green as it turns out, I think the binding works very well with the quilt.

Last night I made it half way around hand stitching the binding down tonight it will get finished. Then all I need is to add a label, and get it in the mail to her.
Any suggestions for the label?

Chris is at home now, but the doctors say it will take a good 3 months for her to recover completely.


  1. beautiful quilt...
    the border and binding is fine!
    what a nice story and so nice of you to send her this quilt.
    I love that block, a twist on a dresden plate.

  2. It's a beautiful quilt - I'm not much help with the label. I use very simple labels, my name, city,state, the year. Occassionally, I add the name of the recipient and the quilt (if it has one).

  3. This quilt has a great history. Hope you're niece is better soon. I'm sure she will love her quilt.

  4. What a beautiful quilt this is...and what a great job you did on finish this one off! It's such a generous gesture of you. I'll hope your niece is feeling better soon... this quilt certainly will help!

  5. Sometimes it takes "close callS" to put things in perspectives. We, in our normal everyday lives, stress over the greens matching. But in reality ,the love that you'll share when giving the quilt away will over shadow any mismatch in colors. And I think the colors add character....
    You're an awesome lady....

  6. What a beautiful quilt with a wonderful history. I hope that your niece is back to good health real soon. What a wonderful aunt you are to quilt this for her.